IHNZ Committees

Northern Region
Northern Region Chairman  Janine Kolkman / Kathy Eastwood
Northern Region Secretary Sheree Anderson
Northern Region Treasurer Jenny Henry
Referee Panel Members Wayne Scott / Rob henry
Regional Facilitators Kathy Eastwood
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman Not yet appointed
Central Region
Central Region Chairman Ivan Wood
Central Region Vice Chairperson  
Central Region Secretary Tracey Edgecomb
Central Region Treasurer Bonnie Milne
Referee Panel Members Kane Taylor
Nathan Lovell
Regional Scheduling/Stats  
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman  
Lower North Region
Lower North Region Chairman Brett Turia
Lower North Region Secretary Randall Pavelich
Lower North Treasurer  
Coaching and Development  
Referee Panel Members  Robbie Booth & David Allard

Disciplinary Tribunal Chairperson

Jason Dombrowski


Southern Region
Southern Region Chairman Alethea Stove
Southern Region Vice Chairman  
Southern Region Sec / Tres Alvin Halliburton
Regional Facilitators  
Referee Panel Members  
Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman Alethea Stove
Other Committees
Referee Panel Chair Andrew Kibblewhite
Coaching Panel Chair Ivan Wood, Scott Collins, Bevan Varney
Super League Coordinator Pete Shields with Operations