AAU 12U Team Announced

Published 31 Jan 2019 by
IHNZ News International

IHNZ is excited to announce the 12U Team who will be travelling to Hawaii later this year to take part in the AAU tournament. Congratulations to all those that trialled!


  • Braydon Burr
  • Daniel Middleton
  • Alyssa Smaling
  • Emily Freakly
  • Cole Friedlos
  • Max Toa
  • Jordan Wong
  • Maui Walker
  • Logan Eastwood
  • Aaron Riddell
  • Fuyi Li
  • Jeremy Healy

Goal Keeper's

  • Montell Marjoribanks
  • Zac Williams


  • Sam Plant (Goalie)
  • Ginji Nishikawa
  • Kaleb Scot
  • Scott Williams


  • Shaun King