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Published 16 Mar 2017 by IHNZ Board
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Applications are now open for interested and experienced members to apply for a position on the IHNZ board.
Application details can be downloaded here

Applications close: April 5th
Email Applications to:
New Board  Members to be announced April 24. 2017

Currently, Board members are:

Ivan Wood (Chairperson)
Ben Wilde (standing down  once new board is in place)
Alison Storey (Independent)
Henry Hillind (Independent)
Pete Shields
Simon Lovell
Scott Collins (standing down)

New Zealand Inline Hockey (IHNZ) is recognised as the governing body for the sport of Inline Hockey within New Zealand.

IHNZ in 2012-13 had an independent governance review, which has recommended a move to a more formal structure of a board rather than a committee. The intention is to attract the best-skilled people available.

The current implemented structure for the Board is 8 persons, with a minimum of 2 independents. The intention is to continue with this structure.

The IHNZ Appointments Panel seek applications for board vacancies.

Board Expectations

Greater level of strategic work to be covered by, the Board: ‘To Build the Game’.

  • Board need to be leaders individually and collectively
  • Values need to be created and adhered to
  • Members need to be respected internally and externally
  • Fiduciary duty to be able to place the sport’s needs ahead of club and individual desires
  • Abide by Board protocols and collective decisions [responsibility]
  • Maintain confidentialities
  • Lead Portfolios [for example] including
  • The ability to ‘Dream’. All boards need to collectively look beyond the current discussing new ways and opportunities but remembering the game is for the players and not for the administrators, officials or parents – ‘Playing the Puck’.
  • Due to the small size of the ‘volunteer’ sport, the Board will need to carry out a combination of strategic/operational tasks with an aim to move the board to greater emphasis on governance and strategy.
  • Time expectation is approximately 10 hours per month